“Yoga is a powerful practice, which is here to inform and
serve us both on and off the mat. Each student is unique. I
encourage my students to approach their practice with inquiry
each day and radical acceptance.”—Nathalie Croix

We are all unique individuals.

In my many years of teaching and devoting my life to many healing modalities and understanding human beings, I have observed and learned that when we are closest to our true nature, the essence of who we are, we are not only happier beings but also kinder to the world around us.

I believe at the core of humans there is an innate quality of goodness.

I believe that when we open our hearts to others and we see the soul by looking at someone’s eyes with empathy, compassion, and presence you will discover that in that moment there is no other, because the other is you.

When you look at someone with the eyes of love, you see love.

Love is the essence of who we are.

Inside every adult, even the wounded ones, there is an innocent child. The child who you first embodied when you came here to this Earth plane. That is the one I am interested in.